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Friday the 13th

This has been a very busy week, which is why I haven't had a chance to update before today. I have seen great talks on structural biology from Patrick Cramer (Max Planck), Elizabeth Villa (UCSD) and John Schwabe (University of Leicester). I will try and put some of this material into BIOL 225 and BIOC 300A. Today there is a talk from Richard Henderson, who won the Nobel for his work in 2017 that I am pretty excited about. To top it all off, Right Said Fred is playing for free tonight in one of the local parks.

We have been doing a lot of classic biochemistry experiments this week, as well as

some crystallography and baculovirus work. I will talk about that baculo work in a later post when I have more time. Crystallography is not being used as widely at the LMB as it probably was in the past, as they are trying to maximise use of the cryo-EM facitilities. The facilities for crystallography are not that different than they were in Frank Sicheri's lab in the 2000s. There is more automation, but there is still a lot of manual screening, so you still have a great opportunity for punishing eye strain. I don't know if it will load properly, because I have been having some technical difficulties, but the video here shows the robot revolution in progress! Quiver in fear feeble humans!

Also, there was a football game that pretty much everyone, including myself, was watching.