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Last day of class, this time WITH A SHARK!

Doug and Brian with one of the shark pups

So, as you can probably tell from my Hawaiian shirt and crazed smile, today was the last day of classes for me. How did I decide to celebrate? Remember last week when I posted this Tweet

Well, the backstory is that a six-gilled shark washed up on a beach in North Saanich (just north of Victoria) and Dr. Julia Baum and Dr. Francis Juanes from UVic went with some of their labs to perform a necropsy. Turns out the shark, which was about 4 metres long, was pregnant. After seeing my Tweet, Brian Timmer from the Juanes' lab contacted me to let me know THEY HAD SOME OF THE BABIES AND I COULD COME AND SEE ONE! If you want to read about the necropsy, go here. There are some pretty awesome photos.

Fast forward to today, the last day of class, and I got a chance to see one of the pups. It was awesome!