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News from the first week back.

This was a busy week at UVic, with the start of classes, but a surprisingly slow week for things that thrilled me in the news. The big story revolved around transplantation of bacteria from slim or obese HUMANS into mice. This then induced the mice to be either slim or obese, corresponding to the donor type. Find a version of the story from the Guardian here. The actual article appeared in the journal Science by Ridaura et al (2013), and you can find it here (although it may be subscriber only). It is getting a lot of press, and it is pretty strange when you think about it, since it involves trans-species fecal transplantation (I never thought I would say that in a blog!).

Interested in fecal transplants? Find out more in this article from Science called, `the promise of poop`, which is a silly title for a serious article.

Also, I want to point out that I am one for one in my quest to blog each week of the new term.