Materials Science of the Earth


Petrology threads the fabric of geochemistry and geophysics.  From field to experiment, we study igneous rocks using many different tools and approaches. Our science addresses questions ranging in time and scale: the formation of earth’s oldest mantle lithosphere, the formation of an arc and crust, the speed of a kimberlite eruption, the exhumation of mantle during orogeny, the concentration of metals in ore deposits or volcanic gases. We apply phase equilibria, element partitioning and kinetics to estimate the conditions which rocks experience on their journey, and use that information to shed light on a greater process or problem in geology.


Dante Canil, Ph.D., FRSC

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

University of Victoria, Victoria BC, CANADA V8W 3P6


ph. 250 472 4180rience on their journey in many different igneous and metamorphic environments.