The StatMech program calculates thermodynamic quantities from spectroscopic data that you provide. It comes in two versions - a windows version (written in Visual Basic v. 6), and a multiplatform Maple-based program that is functionally equivalent and doesn't require knowledge of Maple to run. These programs are provided without any guarantees or warranties.

Basic instructions are given below. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please send me an email at

Download Windows program - Download the self-extracting .exe file to a temporary directory, double-click on it to extract the files. To install double-click on setup.exe and follow the instructions.

Download Maple program - Download the Maple worksheet (You browser may think this is an XML file; if so right-click and Save As If you are a Maple user, you may use the worksheet directly. Otherwise, download Maple Player for your operating system (Windows 32/64 bit, Linux 32/64 bit, Macintosh), and use it to load the worksheet.

Program Notes

The program runs in a fairly obvious way. If it won't accept values you type in, there is likely a good reason for it (e.g. atoms don't have rotational constants). For the Maple version, hit enter after a number to trigger an update.