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Biographical Information

Robert Munsch has led a very interesting life thus far. His journey to becoming a great storyteller and author began at a young age despite the fact that it took him some time to realize his talent. For a lengthy biography written my Munsch himself, visit his website.

For a brief but informative biography of Robert Munsch from another perspective, visit the biography that Firefly Books has published on their website.

Scholastic Canada is a popular book company that sells Robert Munsch books. They have dedicated a portion of their site to Robert Munsch, and a biography of Munsch that talks about his writing process.

robert munschA picture is worth a thousand words. In addition to a written biography, Munsch has compiled various pictures of himself that people can view on his website. These photographs fully capture the zany personality of Munsch.

Munsch’s life has recently taken a turn since he recently had a stroke which affected his ability to speak and write. He is hoping to make a full recovery, but it looks as if it will take a great deal of time to do so. To learn more about Munsch’s current health, read this article from CBC.

To learn about all the books that Robert Munsch has written, visit the Book Lists and Reviews section of this site. To read books online, or view interviews of Robert Munsch, visit the Media section.