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Many people are familiar with Robert Munsch’s books. To track down your old favorites from childhood, or to find something new, visit the list that Robert Munsch has created on his website. The list includes all of his published books as well as images of the book covers.

paper bag princess


One of Munsch’s most famous books is “The Paper Bag Princess.” Read a review of this book and learn how to buy the book online on the Amazon website.



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For a list of Robert Munsch books created by a Canadian book company, you can visit the list that Scholastic Canada has on their website. This list gives you the opportunity to “look inside the books” where you can read a snippet of the story!



For those that are hockey fans, there is a review from a hockey player's perspective of Robert Munsch's book "Just One Goal" on a website that specifically reviews books about hockey.

One of Robert Munsch's best known books is "I Love You Forever." This review of the book discusses the theme of death and dying in children's literature, and there is an online discussion of the topic below the review.

To read Robert Munsch's books online, visit the Media section of this site. If you are looking for ways to use these books in a learning environment, visit the Resources section.