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current members

Dennis Hore
Sandra Roy
PhD student
Adsorption of biomolecules onto surfaces of varying hydrophobicity.
William FitzGerald
PhD student
Mid-infrared Stokes polarimetry of electro-optic materials
Tasha Jarisz
PhD student
Influence of surface composition on biofilm formation
Sean Yang
MSc student
Surfactant structure at the oil-steel interface
Nic Medgyesi
chem undergrad
Prototyping a low-cost, compact, open source drug detection platform for pharmacy use
Rory Hills
chem undergrad
Design and construction of a web-enabled multi-axis stepper motor controller
Tasem Ramadan
chem undergrad
Design of a flexible online microarray reader
Lea Gozdzialski
NSERC USRA student
Protein and cell adhesion on silica surfaces
Clémentine Beutier
visiting student
Surface structure of polymer anti-fouling coatings
Lennard Wunsch
MITACS intern
Design and construction of a multimodal imaging platform
Nijin John
visiting student
Surface restructuring of polymer films

former members

Peter Levett
chem undergrad
Enabling combinatorial biofilm growth conditions with liquids-handling robots
Fei Chen
MSc student
*with Ulrike Stege
(UVic Computer Science)
Linear programming for heterogeneous structural characterization
Katherine Krause
chem undergrad
Role of interfacial water in adsorbed peptide conformation
Sagnik Datta
MSc student
*CBS Mumbai
Bacterial adhesion at the oil-metal interface
Nat Jafarova
chem undergrad
Surface influence on growth of bacterial biofilms
Shahed Pervez
PhD student
SFG from the heptane-gold interface
Victoria Emberley
chem undergrad
atmospheric corrections for quantitative ATR-IR spectroscopy
Dezy Manuel
biochem & physics undergrad
Light scattering from planktonic species
Adrianna Thompson
biochem undergrad
Surface influence on growth of bacterial biofilms
Candelaria Ramirez Murillo
MITACS intern
Phase-resolved SFG of polymer nanoparticle mixtures
Roxana Herran Cuspinera
MITACS intern
Spectroscopic probes of cell adhesion at solid-liquid interfaces
Chantelle Chan
High school intern
Design and construction of a Raman microscope
Tony Wu
engineering undergrad
Angle-resolved Mueller matrix measurements to characterize bacterial growth
Kuo-Kai Hung
MSc student
*with Ulrike Stege
(UVic Computer Science)
Tools for processing molecular trajectories
Paul Covert
PhD student
Nonlinear vibrational studies at solid-liquid interfaces
Olivia Tong
engineering undergrad
Development of thin film coating technologies
Sarah Kowallik
microbiology undergrad
Mapping protein-hydrophobic surface response
Simon Roome
microbiology undergrad
Development of metabolic assays for monitoring bacterial growth
Jesse Spooner
microbiology undergrad
Infrared Stokes polarimetry of chiral thin films
Diego Martelino
chem undergrad
Automated fluorescence background correction techniques
Sanjana Rawat
biochem undergrad
Extracting orientation distributions from vibrational spectra
John Adamowski
earth sciences ugrad
Preparation and characterization of calcite and aragonite surfaces
Daniel Motyka
chem undergrad
ATR-IR spectroscopy of proteins adsorbed at the solid-liquid interface
Saba Shakeri
kinesiology undergrad
Photoelastic modulator-based Stokes polarimetry
Joshua Post
chem undergrad
Multi-wavelength stokes polarimetry
Marin Evergreen
chem undergrad
Protein adsorption at the solid-liquid interface
Meghan Reid
visiting researcher
Generalized orientation distributions and their functions
Rebecca Dixon
chem undergrad
PM-IRRAS experiments at the solid-liquid interface.
Ben Blinn
chem undergrad
Protein adsorption kinetics via Stokes polarimetry
Tsuki Naka
chem undergrad
Adsorption of peptides at the solid-liquid interface
Truman Hirkala-Schaefer
chem undergrad
Quartz crystal microbalance studies of solvent effects in adsorption
Marc-Andre Hoyle
chem undergrad
Development of visualization tools for multi-dimensional data; experimental schemes for Mueller matrix measurement
Shaun Hall
PhD student
The development of spectroscopic and computational tools for studying amino acid structure at solid interfaces
Hollis Roth
chem undergrad
Prediction of spectra from molecular simulations.
Greg Webber
engineering undergrad
*with Martin Jun
(UVic Mech Eng)
Polarized reflectance from laser-inscribed metal gratings
Masaya Shinki
MSc student
*with Jay Cullen
and Svein Vagle
Sampling and measurement of dynamic water films
Liam Cross
chem undergrad
Design and construction of an infrared step-scan Mueller matrix ellipsometer
Kailash Jena
postdoctoral fellow
Nonlinear vibrational studies of liquid interfaces
Travis Schwantje
chem undergrad
Optimization of 3-wave mixing beam geometry
Kevin Weinreich
chem undergrad
Simulation of nonlinear optical phase measurement experiments
Travis Trudeau
MSc student
Molecular simulation of adsorption at solid-aqueous interfaces
Dennis Zakopcan
physics undergrad
Statistical analysis of ellipsometry data

DK Hore, Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria.