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Hi, I'm John Dower. I'm a Professor in the Biology Department and the School of Earth & Ocean Sciences (SEOS) here at UVic. Although I consider myself a fisheries oceanographer by trade, my broader interests include marine ecology (particularly plankton ecology), predator-prey interactions, and the physical processes that structure marine ecosystems. I'm originally from Newfoundland, and did my BSc at Memorial University . I must have a thing for foggy, drizzly islands, since I then headed to the University of Victoria to do a PhD. After that, I headed east to work at Queen's University as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate. I then spent three years as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences at UBC before moving my lab to UVic in the fall of 2001.

The thing I like most about Fisheries Oceanography is that it provides the opportunity to combine field work with laboratory work and modelling. I got hooked on field work early on in my scientific career (so much so that I was eventually "grounded" by my PhD supervisor) and I still spend as much time as possible at sea. It's a little tougher to find the time these days, but I always look forward to my field season each year. I also encourage (and expect) my students to spend time at sea. Although you need never set foot on a ship to get oceanographic data these days, I still believe there is no substitute for actually getting out there and collecting the data yourself.

Are You Interested in Graduate Studies? I am always on the lookout for enthusiastic graduate students. If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in the lab, please email me.