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Hi my name is Akash. I arrived here in May, 2002. Prior to that I was studying at the University of Guelph where I completed my Bachelors and Masters degrees in 2001.

I am interested in measuring molting rates of copepod populations. Copepods are dominant members of the plankton and serve as important intermediaries between primary producers and fish. In order to understand the relative strength of these relationships we need to understand how copepod growth rates respond to variation in their environment. I am working on the development of a rapid estimate of population molting rates that can be routinely applied at scales relevant to copepod growth responses. This method is based on the activity of the crustacean molting enzyme, chitobiase.

I spend a fair amount of my time in both the lab and the field. Most of my field work to date has been in the Strait of Georgia where we (my labmates and I) have been investigating various levels of response of the copepod community to the spring phytoplankton bloom.