Dr. Helen Williams

I got my BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of Leeds in the UK. I then worked as a postdoctoral research and teaching fellow for two years at the University of Richmond, Virginia, USA, before commencing a second postdoc fellowship at the University of Victoria in September 2012.  I landed a faculty position at Keele, and am now working there.

My research deals with higher order cognitive processes, specifically the judgments people can make when encoding or retrieving material from memory. My doctoral research had the primary aim of exploring how people make and understand judgments of subjective experience using an extension of Tulving’s (1985) Remember-Know paradigm that includes separate categories of Familiar and Guess. The central themes in my doctoral research were: How should the subjective experiences of Knowing and Familiarity be defined and understood? What is the relationship between confidence and subjective experience? And how do objective manipulations influence subjective experience? I am continuing these lines of enquiry with Dr. Steve Lindsay (even though I am no longer a postdoc).


Interests:  Memory, metacognition, subjective experience of memory, aging

e-mail: helenw@uvic.ca

phone: 250-721-7554

office: Cornett Building, Room B323

web: http://helenlouisewilliams28.wordpress.com/