Maximilian Rabe

For me there is nothing more intriguing than trying to understand how we understand. We might be tempted to believe that humans are expert decision makers but that's not always the case. What makes the recognition of the world surrounding us easy and what makes it difficult? Before I came to UVic I had the chance during an exchange semester to work with Dr. Masson and Dr. Lindsay on two different projects. After finishing my Bachelor's degree and thanks to two years of research assistantship under the supervision of Dr. Reinhold Kliegl (University of Potsdam), I then completed a Masters in Dr. Lindsay's lab on generalized limear mixed model estimates of the signal detection parameters d' and C. In addition to my interest in the broad field of cognition and memory I am also very interested in advanced statistical analyses and computational modeling.  I am now pursing a PhD in psycholinguistics at Potsdam, but Steve Lindsay and I are continuing to collaborate on work following from my thesis.