We are always eager to recruit motivated students who are interested in gaining research experience. This is a great opportunity to get into the lab and be involved at various levels with constructing and running experiments.

What You Get Out of It:

>Hands-on experience (vital if you plan to go on to graduate school!)

>Learn about experimental psychology and cognition (find out if this is the area you want to be in)

>Possible letter of reference about the abilities/skills you learned and demonstrated in the lab (again, vital for graduate school!)

>Potential that your lab work could turn into an undergraduate Honours thesis, an Independent Studies course, or a paid work study/research assistant position

Requirements for Student Assistantship:

-Preferably 3rd or 4th year standing

-Must have completed Psych 201 or equivalent; we prefer that you have completed Psych 300A/B

-Statistics and programming experience are not required, but familiarity with SPSS and/or basic programming skills are assets

-Willingness to learn and pay attention to details; integrity; reliability.

How to Apply:

Contact the lab through email (slindsay@uvic.ca) or call the lab (721-6165) to discuss the research we do, current opportunities, the time involved, etc. Please note that expressing interest will not guarantee a position -- opportunities depend on our current projects and the number of other students who are already working with us.