Welcome to ecology @ uvic

Our first ecology@uvic discussion is today, September 27th, 4:30 at the UVic Grad House. We're drinking our beverage of choice, catching up on the latest and greatest in each other's work, and chatting about this semester's plans for the ecology@uvic crew and beyond. Come join us!!

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A diverse and productive group of ecologists call the University of Victoria home.  We work in habitats from coral reefs to coastal marine and freshwater ecosystems to thermal vents, to the Great Bear Rainforest and alpine meadows, and with organisms as varied as wolves, sharks, salmon, plankton, and plants. Much of our research is focused in beautiful British Columbia, but collectively we have a global reach.  With researchers spanning Biology, Geography, Environmental Studies, and Earth and Ocean Sciences, our vision for ecology@uvic is to unite ecologists across campus, providing a forum that fosters discussion, problem-solving, and collaboration, and culminates in outstanding ecological research. 

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