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Department of Economics, University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C., CANADA

BEC 384         

(250) 721 8538          


My research


Teaching: ECON313                                ECON325




"Is Amalgamation the Path to Sustainable Local Government Finance?" (joint with Joel Tamosiunas, Brad Hackinen, and David Scoones, International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, forthcoming)


“Time with sons and daughters” (joint with Linda Welling, Review of Economics of the Household, June 2012, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 277-298)


“Share the Gain, Share the Pain? -- Almost Transferable Utility, changes in production possibilities, and bargaining solutions” (joint with Justin Leroux, Mathematical Social Sciences, November 2011)


The Behavioural Effects of "Joint" Tax and Benefit Laws on Women's Economic Lives” (Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, 2010)


"The Early Bird gets the Worm? Birth Order Effects in a Dynamic Model of the Family", (with Linda Welling, Economic Inquiry, July 2010)


“Income Splitting, Specialization, and Intrafamily Distribution” (Canadian Journal of Economics, August 2009)


“Discussion of ‘The Effect of Sunk Costs on the Outcome of Alternating-Offers Bargaining between Inequity-Averse Agents’” (Schmalenbach Business Review, April 2006)


"International Tax Competition and Tax Incentives in Developing Countries" (together with G. R. Zodrow, in The Challenges of Tax Reform in a Global Economy, collective volume edited by James Alm, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, and Mark Rider, Springer, 2006)


"Intrafamily Distribution and Taxation" (2005, in NTJ Papers and Proceedings 2004)


"Tax Competition and Local Tax Incentives" (together with G. R. Zodrow, 2004, in NTJ Papers and Proceedings 2003)



Working Papers


“Efficiency of Family Bargaining Models with Renegotiation: the Role of Transferable Utility across Periods” (joint with Linda Welling and Meng Tang Wang) (pdf file)


“Tax Competition and the Efficiency of "Benefit-Related" Business Taxes” (joint with George R. Zodrow)


“Taxation, Intrafamily Distribution, and Dynamic Family Bargaining” (pdf file)


“Joint vs. Individual Taxation and Intrafamily Distribution” (pdf file)