Katherine D. Harris, Diane Jakacki, and Jentery Sayers


Intended for teaching faculty, instructors, librarians, and graduate students, this course provides a “best practices” approach to using digital humanities tools and processes in humanities courses for the purposes of communication, collaboration and facility of research. The course will unfold along two parallel tracks, [1] an overview of how best to incorporate DH tools into a given syllabus—how to harness DH tools to support larger pedagogical objectives, set goals, and manage expectations, and [2] a practical examination of a variety of DH tools, from those serving the needs of a particular course (e.g., “home-built” digital editions, wikis, blogs, websites, GIS/Google Maps, and content management systems such as Moodle) to more general purpose, web 2.0 tools (e.g., Zotero, Prezi, Twitter, YouTube, and Dipity). Across the five days of DHSI, the course will move from a theoretical to a practical framework. It will be tool- and method-centric, and we will be invested in experimenting with an array of options (e.g., actually building model wikis or blogs, as well as live demo’ing approaches such as peer evaluation through a Twitter backchannel). Participants are asked to bring their own computers, together with at least one sample syllabus (for a course already taught or to be taught), which will be used as the basis for much of the work we do as the week progresses. By the course’s conclusion, participants should leave with (at a minimum) an existing syllabus revised to better meet their own expectations of digital pedagogy in the humanities.


Leslie Allin (U Guelph)| Trish Baer (U Victoria) | Emily Ballantyne (Dalhousie U) | Tina Bebbington (U Victoria Libraries) | Donna Bilak (Bard Graduate Center) | Char Booth (The Claremont Colleges) | Pavel Cenkl (Sterling College) | Keith Comer (U Canterbury) | Angela Courtney (Indiana U) | Nora Dimmock (U Rochester) | Jessica Durgan (Texas A&M U) | Eugénie Duthoit (U Montpellier 3) | Sarah Ficke (Marymount U) | Chris Friend (U Central Florida) | Christopher Gleason (Wentworth Institute of Technology) | Melissa Guenther (U Waterloo) | Brian Gutierrez (U Washington) | Alison Hedley (U Victoria) | Romeike Jeske (U Washington) | Ann Lally (U Washington Libraries) | Carrie Lanza (U Washington Simpson Center for the Humanities) | Mary A. Larson (Oklahoma State U) | Vanessa Lent (U Alberta) | Brooke Lockwood Lestock (U Virginia) | Cynthia Malone (College of St. Benedict/St. John’s U) | Kim Martin (UWO) | Jo-Anne Naslund (U British Columbia) | Kim (U Victoria) | Noah Peterson (Texas A&M U) | Pamela Pietrucci (U Washington) | Cameron Quevedo (U Washington) | Deb Raftus (U Washington) | Michael Rozendal (U San Francisco) | Elizabeth C. Saint (U Victoria) | Matt Simmons (U South Carolina) | Melissa La Porte (U Guelph) | Kira Turner (U Waterloo) | Anjali Vats (U Washington) | Lynne Vieth (Whitman College) | Greta Vollmer (Sonoma State U) | Erin L. Webster Garrett (Radford U) | Lindsay Skay Whitacre (Boston College) | Lee Zickel (Case Western Reserve U/ Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities)


Emily A. Smith (U Victoria)

Image courtesy of Andy Ralph