Walden Blueprint


DAY 1 (9:30 – 12)

Introductions & Syllabi

Group Discussion: Expectations of the Course and Digital Pedagogy

Workshop: Literacies (Facilitator: Jentery Sayers)

Keywords: Identity, Critical Theory, Technical Competencies, Inverted Classroom, Assignments

DAY 1 (1:15 – 3:50)

Group Discussion: Scales of Digital Pedagogy (Facilitator: Kathy Harris)

Workshop: Learning Outcomes

Keywords: Technical Competencies, Inverted Classroom, Assignments, Learning Outcomes

DAY 2 (9:30 – 12)

Group Discussion: Technical Competences and Collaboration (Facilitator: Jentery Sayers)

Workshop: Scaffolding (Facilitator: Diane Jakacki)

Keywords: Collaboration, Exercises, Technical Competencies, Inverted Classroom, Assignments, Learning Outcomes, Scaffolding

DAY 2 (1:15 – 3:50)

Group Discussion: Documentation (Facilitator: Kathy Harris)

Workshop: Workflow (Facilitator: Jentery Sayers)

Keywords: Exercises, Assignments, Documentation

DAY 3 (9:30 – noon)

Workshop: Building a Prompt (Facilitators: All)

Keywords: Collaboration, Tools & Platforms, Exercises, Critical Theory, Technical Competencies, Inverted Classroom, Assignments, Scaffolding

DAY 3 (1:15 – 3:50)

Workshop: Circulate Prompts for Feedback (Facilitators: All)

Keywords: Tools & Platforms, Exercises, Inverted Classroom, Assessment, Assignments, Scaffolding

Day 4 (9:30 – 12)

Group Discussion: Assessment (Facilitator: Diane Jakacki)

Workshop: Mark It! (Facilitator: Kathy Harris)

Keywords: Collaboration, Assessment, Assignments, Learning Outcomes, Scaffolding

DAY 4 (1:15 – 3:50)

Workshop: Students and Our Assumptions (Facilitator: Jentery Sayers)

Group Discussion: Addressing Students Needs & Investments (Facilitators: All)

Keywords: Identity, Critical Theory, Inverted Classroom, Assessment, Assignments

DAY 5 (9:30 – 12)

Group Discussion: Professionalization (Facilitator: Kathy Harris)

Workshop: Returning to the Original Syllabus (Facilitator: Diane Jakacki and Jentery Sayers)

Keywords: Assignments, Learning Outcomes, Documentation

Image courtesy of Urban Thoreau