Environmental Psychology Census

Robert Gifford, Past President  •  Environmental Psychology Division
International Association of Applied Psychology

Thank you for coming to the Environmental Psychology Census website. This project formed one of my goals as President of the Environmental Psychology Division of the International Association of Applied Psychology. Environmental psychologists around the world belong to many different organizations, and this census offers everyone the opportunity to be counted in one place.

The idea is to create a global census of everyone in the world who identifies, at least in part, as an environmental psychologist. The site has no other purpose except to create this complete list of environmental psychologists.

Please register on the next page. As you will see, your name will appear to everyone who visits the site, but any other information that you choose to enter will appear to visitors only if you so choose.

Please encourage anyone whose name you do not see on the census (from the graduate-student level to the retired level) about it, so that every environmental psychologist in the world has the opportunity to be counted in the census.

Thank you for adding your name to the census! Finally, please consider joining the IAAP -- the global organization for psychology. Division 4 of the IAAP is Environmental Psychology.

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