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EQIP Implementation Team

The EQIP Implementation Team provides research, logistical and administrative support for the EQIP Working Group.


The mandate of the EQIP Implementation Team is to:

a ) Implement the terms of the Contribution Agreement in partnership with project partners and on behalf of UBC;

b ) Conduct high quality, evidence-based research to identify, test and evaluate best practice initiatives;

c ) Provide technical, organizational and analytical support to the Co-Chairs of the EQIP Working Group and Working Group Sub-Committees; and

d ) Ensure continuity and co-ordination of EQIP best practice initiatives and to act as a focal point for information and communication for the EQIP Working Group.


  • Dr. Malcolm Maclure Implementation Director
  • Dr. David Blair Clinical Lead
  • Greg Carney Implementation Lead
  • Dr. Felicia Pantazi Web Coordinator
  • Kerry Patriarche Office Manager
  • Dana Stanley Research Coordinator