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Research Design


The purpose of the study is to evaluate the impact of educational materials which take the form of private practice prescribing feedback. General practitioners and family physicians currently practicing in British Columbia are invited to take part in this research study.

Study Procedures

EQIP initiatives are delivered to physicians in a designed-delay format. BC communities were matched on a number of geographic and demographic factors and then randomized into early and delayed groups. For each intervention, only physicians in the early group (about one half of the general practitioners in the province) received the initial materials. Six months to one year later, the rest of the physicians in the province received the materials. This delay in distribution creates an adequate window of time to allow for proper impact assessment of the program, while ensuring that the materials are eventually available to all physicians.

Once both the early and delayed groups have received the educational materials, PDF versions of the intervention will be available on the EQIP website.