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Blood Glucose Test Strip Initiative

In July 2010, EQIP sent a portrait on the appropriate use of glucose test strips to 4,833 family physicians and general practitioners in BC.

The portrait addressed self-monitoring of blood glucose among patients with diabetes who do not take insulin. Increasing evidence shows that regular self-monitoring of blood glucose does very little to reduce hemoglobin A1c levels in these patients. Family physicians do not usually prescribe blood glucose test strips, but are highly influential in helping patients manage their diabetes. Physicians’ recommendations can encourage patients to use blood glucose test strips more effectively.

Given the nature of the topic, EQIP developed a portrait that shows provincial prescribing rather than personalized portraits for each physician. If physicians are interested in seeing their own patients’ utilization of test strips, please use the Contact page to let us know. If there is sufficient interest the EQIP Working Group may consider producing personalized portraits in the future.


Blood Glucose Test Strip Provincial Portrait

GTS Provincial Portrait Download PDF - 653 KB