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Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections Initiative

In December 2010, 1,026 general practitioners in BC were sent educational materials and personalized prescribing portraits on first-line prescribing for uncomplicated acute cystitis (urinary tract infection).  

In February 2012, the remainder of eligible general practitioners in BC (2,345) were sent the materials.


For this topic, the BC Centre for Disease Control’s Do Bugs Need Drugs? program collaborated with EQIP to disseminate important messages on antibiotic prescribing.

Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics has resulted in increased bacterial resistance and poses a serious health risk world-wide. Uncomplicated acute cystitis (urinary tract infection, or UTI) is most commonly caused by E. coli bacteria. The rate of E. coli resistance to recommended treatments has exceeded 20%, which is considered a threshold for treatment efficacy.

In this EQIP portrait, Do Bugs Need Drugs? suggests nitrofurantoin as the alternative first-line treatment for acute cystitis.



UTI Methods – December 2010

UTI Methods – February 2012

UTI Portrait – December 2010

UTI Portrait – February 2012


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