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EQIP Working Group

The EQIP Working Group provides a forum for planning, designing, implementing and evaluating best practice initiatives and tools.


The mandate of the EQIP Working Group is to:

a ) Propose initiatives, to oversee their development by the Implementation Team and to recommend the timing of the mailing of initiatives to physicians;

b ) Oversee the evaluation of the initiatives;

c ) Oversee processes for obtaining academic ethics approval and privacy impact assessment for the initiatives; and

d ) Revise initiatives based on feedback received from Pharmaceutical Services Division and the BCMA.


  • Dr. Suzanne Taylor (Co-Chair) Pharmaceutical Services Division
  • Dr. Keith White (Co-Chair)  BCMA
  • Dr. John Anderson  UBC Island Medical Program
  • Dr. Ken Bassett  UBC Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • Dr. Sam Bugis BCMA
  • Dr. Lisa Gaede  BC College of Family Physicians
  • Dr. Ran Goldman UBC Continuing Professional Development
  • Dr. Kendall Ho  UBC eHealth Strategy Office
  • Sharon Kerr College of Pharmacists of BC
  • Dr. Malcolm Maclure Principal Investigator
  • Dr. Anne Nguyen Pharmaceutical Services Division
  • Walton Pang  Pharmaceutical Services Division
  • Dr. Shirley Sze BCMA physician
  • Dr. Galt Wilson  College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC
  • Dr. Wendy Woodfield  BCMA physician