Species Performance

GAPI also aggregates performance for each of the 20 marine finfish species assessed, allowing for global observations across species and highlighting those species that have the best and worst performance globally. With a global average score of 50 for all marine finfish species, GAPI suggests there is substantial room for improvement within the marine finfish aquaculture as a whole.

Species Normalised and Cumulative Scores

Species scores are especially suited for seafood buyers interested in comparing performance across seafood products (e.g., turbot versus Atlantic salmon). Buyers could use these scores to inform purchasing perferences across species, such as choosing high-scoring species (e.g., Chinook salmon, flathead grey mullet) over low scoring species (e.g., cobia, groupers).

GAPI also provides a breakdown of each species’ performance, so that users can compare an individual species’ performance across producing countries and across indicators. In the figure below depicting Chinook salmon's normalised performance, the bar graph compares the performance of the species based on where it is produced (i.e., its species-country score). Buyers can use this more detailed information to determine from which countries to purchase a particular species. For instance, a buyer interested in Chinook salmon may chose to purchase it from New Zealand (normalised score 73) instead of Chile (normalised score 64).