Memory Magic - Vocabulary Review Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. When you are driving, your mind and senses should be __________ only on driving.
2. Usain Bolt is a __________ runner who has won numerous gold medals in the Olympics.
3. Aaron is in love with a girl in his chemistry class, but she just completely __________ him every time he tries to talk to her.
4. The soup had big __________ of chicken in it, as well as some carrots and celery.
5. __________ input is diminished when we are asleep.
6. He suffers from __________ so he finds reading difficult, but he has an excellent memory and can remember information that someone else reads to him.
7. By going around the world in his wheelchair, Canadian hero Rick Hansen was able to show the world that people with a physical __________ are able to do great things.
8. The __________ CIA means Central Intelligence Agency.
9. __________ your goals and dreams can help you to make them come true.
10. A __________ of "happy" is "glad."