The Carpet Fitter - Vocabulary Review Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

1. I really _______________ all the help you've given us.
2. The baby _______________ across the rug towards the puppy.
3. The giraffe's heart is _______________; it weighs over 10 kilograms, is almost three-quarters of a metre long, and has walls up to 10 centimetres thick.
4. Did he do a lot of _______________ to his car in the accident?
5. The policeman _______________ into the car at the young man.
6. We should check the _______________ paper to find out what is happening in town this weekend.
7. The ocean is just barely _______________ from our house.
8. The soup had _______________ of bread floating around in it.
9. His computer _______________ have really improved since his parents bought him a beautiful new iMac.
10. My friends _______________ me to my car after the horror film because I was too afraid to walk alone.
11. She is _______________ to quit her job and travel around Europe for a year, even though her parents are against the idea.
12. The cat slowly _______________ the bush where the mouse was hiding.
13. Before you begin painting, you should _______________ the walls to see if there are any holes that need to be filled.
14. Jasper bought a few _______________ so he could do minor repairs on his bicycle.
15. The child stopped _______________ to open his presents, and then ran outside to play with his friends again.