The Choking Dog - Vocabulary Review Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

1. We have found a lot of new _______________ through our advertising on the Internet.
2. She is _______________ the best choice for the job; she has the most experience and is the most competent.
3. The children were _______________ pushing each other, trying to be the first in line to go on the roller-coaster.
4. We stopped driving _______________ to have something to eat, and then set out again.
5. She felt like an _______________ when she tried to speak Italian, and all the children laughed at her.
6. He _______________ when he was coming down the stairs and fell and broke his arm.
7. Could you guys please keep quiet for a while? I'd like to be able to do my work without _______________ so that I can finish it for tomorrow.
8. The rider _______________ the horse's neck to calm it down.
9. He didn't _______________ how much he loved her until she moved away.
10. Children, it really _______________ your mother if you keep pulling on her sweater while she is trying to make supper.
11. The children have been in a constant _______________ of excitement since we told them we were going to go skiing for the Christmas holidays.
12. He _______________ out of his chair and ran to the door when he heard his girlfriend's car outside.
13. I got _______________ on question five on the math test because I couldn't remember the formula.
14. I felt really _______________ at the beginning of the test, but once I realized that the questions weren't too difficult, I was able to calm down.
15. My tooth was totally decayed, so my dentist decided to _______________ it.