The Death Car - Vocabulary Review Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

1. The little girl was _______________ in the cold winter air.
2. Please don't _______________ while your mother and I are talking.
3. Wolves generally kill animals that are the easiest to _______________: young, old or diseased ones.
4. Can you _______________ the man who stole your wallet?
5. A sudden rainstorm _______________ our picnic.
6. There was a serious traffic accident on the highway this morning involving at least four _______________, including a school bus.
7. I'm going to take the car to a garage; the _______________ has been making strange noises.
8. Cigarette packages in Canada have health _______________ to discourage people from smoking.
9. They just made an _______________ that our flight has been delayed for two hours.
10. Janis took a sky-diving class, but was too _______________ to jump out of the plane when her turn came.
11. Don't try to _______________ through the exam; take your time or you'll make a lot of silly mistakes.
12. When they finally reached their _______________, they were very tired from driving all day.
13. The child got _______________ when he heard his parents arguing loudly in the kitchen.
14. People stared in _______________ at the body lying on the street in a pool of blood.
15. He _______________ touched her shoulder to wake her up.