The Hitchhiker - Vocabulary Review Exercise

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

1. I think it's _______________ that your boss expected you to work overtime for free.
2. After swimming in the river all afternoon, I _______________ for an hour beside the campfire.
3. It's getting pretty _______________ in the morning; we can really feel winter coming on.
4. The light in the room was quite _______________ so I couldn't see how many people were there.
5. Maybe some day, people will be able to ride space _______________ to the moon for a holiday.
6. I couldn't believe how much food the guy had _______________ on his plate.
7. The temperature of the Earth's _______________ increases by 1 degree every 60 feet down.
8. There was only a small _______________ of clouds in the bright blue sky.
9. The weather in Canada's far north is extremely _______________ in the winter time.
10. Firefighters are _______________ a mysterious fire which broke out at a local high school overnight.
11. That hairdo is a little _______________ looking, isn't it, with its different colours, and those bald patches?
12. The car was almost totally destroyed in the accident, but luckily none of the passengers was seriously _______________.
13. Harvey _______________ through the intersection as the light turned yellow.
14. My wife is _______________ of flying, so we never go very far for our vacations.
15. The people in the store looked at us _______________ when we entered wearing our monkey costumes.