Faculty of Graduate Studies

Resource Manual for Graduate Teaching Assistants
at the University of Victoria

Welcome and Introduction

A Note from the Graduate Students' Society

Becoming a Teaching Assistant

TA Checklist 
Before the First Class
Lesson Planning 
Preparing a Syllabus 
Audio Visual Aids 
Slides/Videos and Other Teaching Aids 
Preparing a Class List/Registe 
Exploring Your Classroom 
The First Class(es)
Pre-Class Jitters 
Personal Appearance 
Arranging the Furniture 
Introducing Yourself 
Confirming the Register 
Other (First) Class Activities 
Ice Breakers 
Class Discussion and Survey 
Give Them a Taste of the Course 
Library Introduction 
Helping Students 
What If You Run Out of Material Early? 
After Class 
Office Behaviour 
Leading a Seminar Discussion 
Arrangement of Furniture 
The Role of Questions 
The Quiet Student 
The Domineering Student 
Disruptive Students 
Awkward Seminars 
Evaluating Student Performance 
Grading Papers, Essays, and Exams 
Marking Papers and Exams 
What To Look For ­ the Holistic Approach 
Assigning Grades 
Sample Marking Guide 
In the Laboratory 
Classroom and Lab Safety Guidelines 
Time Management for TAs 
Teaching Assistant Evaluation 
International Teaching Assistants 
Teaching Assistantsí Responsibilities 
TA as a Teacher 
Record Keeping 
Grading and Grade Disputes 
TA as Employee 
TA as Student Advisor 
TA as Faculty-Student Liaison 
Harassment - UVicís Policy 
Recommended References on Teaching Development 
Promoting Positive Learning Environments and Dealing with Disruptive Classroom Behaviour - Guidelines for UVic Instructors 
A Publication of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Developed by

  • Faculty of Graduate Studies 
  • Graduate Students Society 
  • Learning and Teaching Centre 
  • Student and Ancillary Services 
We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and contribution of the Graduate Students' Committee of the Canadian Historical Association. We also acknowledge the work of the following members of the 1998-1999 UVic Graduate Student's Society who helped with the revision of the original publication: Sandra Guarascio and Kate Kimberley.

(revised July 1999)

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