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Grape ripeness and wine quality

Linking vineyard management to ripeness and aroma precursors via GC-MS in Vancouver Island Pinot Gris.

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Vine to Wine ROI

Evaluating ROI of vineyard management strategies through consumer sensory evaluations of experimentally replicated wines.

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Free Soil Analysis for Farmers

We are looking for farmer-collaborators interested in learning about their soil and farm performance research.

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ES Ecogastronomy Courses

Learn more about ecogastronomy courses offered in ES and how to become involved in our research programme

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Webinar: Exploring the relationships between
farm viability, product quality and farmer mental health
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Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture d'Angers

Loire Valley field courses with ESA & Dr. Volpe plus a UVic-ESA 5-year Dual BSc/BA-MSc

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About Publications Group

We are intellectual omnivores and so publish primary research across all dimensions of human x ecological space.

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Move to nocturnality not a universal trend in carnivore species on disturbed landscapes.

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Differences in fish communities on natural versus artificial temperate reefs, groundfish conservation applications in British Columbia

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Fish processing facilities: new challenge to marine biosecurity in Canada.

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Global Aquaculture Performance Index (GAPI): The first global environmental assessment of marine fish farming.

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The efficiency trap.

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Dollars without sense: The bait for big-money tuna ranching around the world.

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