Field to Fork Field School 2021

June 7-18

Day trips only
No overnight trips

Course fee $400

Covers food costs, venue rental etc.

Saanich Peninsula Focus

All trips will within reach of bike, public transit or car

Experiential focused

This course emphasizes learning by doing and tasting

The Farm to Fork Field School is being renovated in order to be “Covid-proof". it appears that Covid will be with us for at least heading into the summer and thus it has become necessary to alter how the course will be delivered. In short, the course will focus on the Saanich Peninsula and all field trips will be day trips and accessible by bike and public transport (of course if you have a vehicle, you are welcome to use it). The course theme and overall objectives remain the same:

An intensive food-focussed field course. Students along with instructors John Volpe (UVic) and Dan Hayes (The London Chef) together with a wide array of producers, distributors, chefs and food professionals will examine the opportunities and challenges of food production, quality, security, identity and sustainability from farm to plate on the Saanich Peninsula. There will be intermittent “lecture days” on the UVic campus but this is largely a “hands on”, off-campus field course comprised of day-trips around the Peninusula.  Students will be introduced to the breadth of food value chains in the Victoria region and undertake a critical examination of trade-offs and opportunities for the regional food future.


Additional course fee $400. This fee offsets field trip expenses, venue rentals and honouraria for guest informants. Lorene Kennedy Field Course Awards are available to partly offset additional costs for full-time or part-time Environmental Studies undergraduate declared majors, minors, graduate students, and students in the RNS Diploma Program. Non-standard dates. See the ‘Courses with Non-standard Dates’ section of the calendar for Important Note: Non-standard dates apply to this section. See the ‘courses and registration page’ and select ‘Courses with non-standard dates and deadlines’ section to view the 100% fee reduction, 50% fee reduction and academic drop dates for this course.

There is still time to register:

Email to a single PDF file containing:

1) a one-page cover letter outlining your interest in the course, your preparation for it, and how it supports your academic and professional plans
2) your CV
3) a copy of your unofficial transcript