Online Soil Resources

      Online Soil Resources

 Agricultural Land Reserve Maps
– hosted on the Agricultural Land Commission website
 Canadian Soil Information Services (CanSIS) – Government of Canada provided soil data and land resource

                 information, including the national soil database, interactive maps, soil interpretations, soil survey reports,

                 printed maps, a publication archive, photo gallery and glossary

           The Canadian System of Soil Classification, 3rd ed. – a searchable publication of the Government of Canada Soil

                Classification Working Group issued in 1998, details the soil orders of Canada

           Soils of Canada – outlines how soils are formed, digital soil maps, and a field guide addressing:
            Soil Genesis and Geographical Distribution
            Site and Sampling Point Description
            Soil Profile Description
            Horizon Identification
            Taxonomic Key for Canadian Soils

          Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Interactive Soil Maps – includes a national ecological framework and a Canada

                Land  Inventory


          Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS) – professional soil scientists across Canada

          Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science (PRSSS) – students, researchers, consultants and professionals in British


          BC Institute of Agrologists – 400+ practicing agrologists, professionals in agriculture, food production,

              environment and resource management

          Soil Conservation Council of Canada – founded in 1987 to address soil health priorities nationally

          International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) – global union of soil scientists

          Soil Science Society of America – professional soil experts in the US

          Soil and Water Conservation Society – global professionals in natural resource conservation

          Soil Science Australia – soil scientists in Australia promoting soil as a finite resource

          New Zealand Society of Soil Science – formed in 1952, with local and international members

          Africa Soil Science Society – founded in 1986 to connect African soil scientists

          British Society of Soil Science – UK society for soil scientists, professionals and the public

          American Society of Agronomy – 7,000+ members and 12,000+ certified professionals

          List of International Soil Science Societies – maintained by the European Soil Data Centre


           USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Survey Manual, Handbook No. 18 – released by Soil Science

                  Division Staff in 2017

           Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health – Cornell University – standardized soil testing method, used by

                  several  national initiatives

           Methods manual for forest soil and plant analysis – published by the Canadian Forest Services in 1991

           Soil Health Institute North American Project to Evaluate Soil Health Measurements

           Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations Global Land Degradation
 Information System (GLADIS)
– outlines global soil health indicators


            University of Alberta Breton Plots – classical and Hendrigan plots

            BC long-term soil productivity study – effects of organic matter on forest soil productivity

            Range Reference Areas of the southern interior of BC – monitors the impact of livestock, wildlife
         and other disturbances on rangelands

           Fluxnet Canada – Canadian Carbon Program Data Collection (1993-2014) – carbon cycling

           Bibliography of Scientific Publications Based on Long-term Crop Rotation Studies in the
 Canadian Prairies
– a 2012 listing of scientific publications on long-term crop rotations in Canada


           BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

           BC Agricultural Land Commission

           Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

           Natural Resources Canada

           Environment and Climate Change Canada


           United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service 

                 – provides guidance and insights on soil biology, health assessment, literature and resources

           Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations – Land and Water Portal – addresses topics such as

                 sustainable land management, land assessment and impacts, governance and planning, restoration, soils,   

                 databases, and policy approaches.

           Global Soil Partnership (GSP) – established in 2012 to position soils in the global agenda

           North America Regional Soil Partnership (NARSP) – established 2014 with US & Canada

           Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS) – established 2013 top soil experts

           2015 International Year of Soils – healthy soils for a healthy life

           International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) aka World Soil Information – data hub and soil data

                 collections, world soil museum, soil property estimates globally to 250m

           European Commission Joint Research  Centre – European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) – soil data and information 

                 at the European level, including maps, documents, events, projects and resources

           Soil Biodiversity Atlas – a synthesis of global soil biodiversity research, froma joint venture of the Global Soil 

                 Biodiversity Initiative and the European Commission Joint Research Centre


            Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative – a collaboration of scientists to advance policy options and

                 incorporate scientific knowledge on soil biodiversity and ecosystem efforts into dialogue

            Regeneration International – an umbrella group working to facilitate a transition to principles of regenerative

                 agriculture through regional partnerships globally

           Regeneration Canada – promotes soil regeneration across multiple disciplines nationally

            “4 per 1000” Initiative – created after the Paris COP in 2015 to capture carbon in soil at the rate of 4 parts per

                  1000 to address food security and climate change

           Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases – Croplands Research Group – includes a global

                  research alliance modelling platform (GRAMP) to share information about biogeochemical ecosystem

                  modelling, a literature database, and several conservation networks

          Rodale Institute – provides farmer and consumer training, and conducts long-term field trials of organic and 

                   regenerative agricultural practices

          Savory Institute – a global effort to adopt holistic land management practices to regenerate soil

          Soil Foodweb Institute – an international soil biology group providing laboratory soil testing and soil biology

                 consultancy services

          The Land Institute – plant breeders and ecologists working globally to develop perennial polycultures that mimic

                 natural ecosystems as alternatives to annual crops

          Soil Health Partnership – promotes the adoption of soil health practices in the US

          The Savanna Institute – explores agroforestry as a climate solution and provides extensive resources to address

                 biodiversity and soil quality globally


           Wageningen University and Research – 10 module free online course in Sustainable Soil Management: Soil for Life,

               with opportunity for paid verified certificate

           Soil Science Society of America – free webinars on soil health and other soil topics

           Review of 92 soil science preparatory degree programs at 86 universities in the US

           American Society of Agronomy – provides regular webinars and courses on soil topics

           UBC Land and Food Systems – undergraduate and graduate programs in soil and agriculture

           SoilWeb200 – online soil science concepts created for undergraduate soil students

           Soil – general web-based resources and on-line courses

           Thompson Rivers University – Applied Sustainable Ranching program in Williams Lake

           University of Alberta – Soil Monoliths Collections

           University of Alberta – Land Reclamation International Graduate School

  – provides soil-based activities and information broken down by grade level

           A Chaos of Delight – A Photographic Guide to Soil Mesofauna with many links

           International Union of Soil Sciences 

           Children’s Book Competition – winning books are available online

           Playful Soils Educational Resources – songs, videos, poems, activities and books for kids

           “Dig it! DIY The Secrets of Soil” – developed by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History with

                support from the SSSA

           Frontiers for Young Minds – Soil biodiversity collection of articles written for youth

           Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) – education material for teachers K-12


          Government of Canada Standing Select Committee Report – released in 2019 and titled “Mental Health: A Priority 
     for Our Farmers”, this report outlines 10 recommendations for attention

          National Survey of Farmer Mental Health – conducted by Dr. Andria Jones-Britton in 2018, as part of the Standing

               Select Committee report, involving 1,100 producers across Canada

          Farm Management Canada – offers research and tools to support “Health Minds, Healthy Farms”, including a

              media  kit, and a report on mental health and farm business management

          Farm Credit Canada – Rooted in Strength – provide an overview and assessment tool to support farmers to identify

              and manage sources of stress, and offer links to mental health resources

          Do More Agriculture Foundation (Do More Ag) – maintains a detailed list of resources for farmers and offers

              community-based training in mental health for farmers in Canada

          Young Agrarians – provide a suite of tools for farmer mental health and wellness

          4-H Canada’s Health Living Initiative – 10 tip sheets, an activity guide, a webinar, and a Kids Help Phone are

              available to support the mental health and wellness of farmers across Canada

          Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – provide an infographic on overall mental health status of

              farmers in Canada

          Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) – provides several factsheets and resources to build wellness on the
    farm, including a farm stress inventory and management plan, and a report called “Difficult Times: Stress on the FarmCanadian Mental Health Association    

             (CMHA)   – local CMHA branches provide resources for farmers based on collaboration with agricultural industry leaders