Wine ROI Participants

If you know wine we need your palate!


Sensory Evaluations of Ten Vancouver Island Experimental Pinot Gris Wines

Thank you for showing an interest in our research! The purpose of this is to directly assess the Return on Investment (ROI) of vineyard management strategies aimed at improving the overall quality of wine grapes grown on Vancouver Island and across BC.

WHO: The nature of this research relies on experts with professional experience in tasting and assessing wines. If you are professionally engaged with wine or carry a WSET, Court, CAPS, Scholar etc. credential, we would very much appreciate your input.

WHAT: During the 2019 vintage, Pinot Gris grapes from 2 separately owned commercial Cowichan Valley vineyards were subjected to a series of vineyard treatments. Grapes were harvested in 2019 and vinified separately according to vineyard and treatment under identical, standardized conditions yielding ten separate wines.

WHEN: Choose your choice of day/time for a virtual (Zoom) one hour tasting session (Dec 2020 to early Jan 2021 – multiple days/times TBA)

HOW: If you agree to lend us your palate, we will deliver (and pick-up) a tasting package to you consisting of wine samples, two ISO tasting glasses (if needed), instructions and scoring sheets. You will be asked to join us for a 1-hour formal wine analysis beginning mid-December via Zoom (there will be a choice of sessions for you to choose from). You will be tasting and assessing a total of 10 wines during two 25-minute sessions assessing nose and palate of each wine. You will be provided with a predetermined list of descriptors and all the tools necessary to complete the analysis in a timely fashion. Your job will be to simply select relevant descriptors and rate their relative intensity for each wine.

SIGN ME UP: If this research sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please indicate your interest by sending a message to You will be added to the panel with further information and instructions coming shortly.

QUESTIONS?: Please feel free to reach out to Principal Investigator Dr. John Volpe or Research Lead Mitch Macfarlane