I teach the following courses at UVic’s School of Environmental Studies

Download PDFs of the most recent Syllabus and Student Course Experience Surveys (CES) for each course

ES 200 Intro to Environmental Studies (not currently teaching)
ES 240 Ecological Processes (Syllabus | CES Fall 2017, Spring 2018)
ES 341 Ecological Restoration (not currently teaching)
ES 347 Ecogastronomy (first offering Sept 2020)
ES 382 Ecology and Culture of Food (Syllabus | CES Spring 2018)
ES 431 History, Science & Culture of Wine (Syllabus | CES Spring 2017)
ES 446 Sustainable Fisheries (Syllabus |
CES Fall 2016)
ES 482 Natural History and Ecology of Biological Invasions (Syllabus | CES Fall 2017)
ES 482 Complex Systems (Syllabus |
CES 2014
GRADUATE (not currently teaching grad courses)
ES 500/600 Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills I
ES 501/601 Environmental Theories, Methods and Skills II
ES 503/603 Environmental Studies Graduate Colloquium