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Jason Straka is a recent graduate from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and affiliate of the Starzomski Lab.
His research interests include plant-pollinator interactions and the ecology of invasions.  His MSc thesis is available here.

Other recent adventures can be found on his flickr page.


Jason has done field research on Arctic and alpine ecosystems across Canada, much of which has taken place in national and provincial parks and protected areas.  These areas are seen as refugia for biodiversity from changes in land use, but will be some of the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in coming decades.  In addition to his thesis work at the University of Victoria, he has recently been collaborating with members of the Canadian Pollination Initiative (CANPOLIN), and Erica Nol’s Avian Conservation lab at Trent University.  He is actively volunteering with BC Parks, the Royal BC Museum, and Rocky Point Bird Observatory and has done recent work with Parks Canada and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario/Barcode of Life Project.  Jason received his BSc in Biology from Trent University in 2009 where he studied plant-insect interactions and the ecology of invasive species.