Is the Hawking-Turok Instanton theory the final word on how the universe began?  Not at all.  This theory and the theories mentioned in class have their merits, but also their shortcomings.   The Hawking-Turok theory suggests that our universe was born from the "ultimate free lunch."  But there surely must have been something that caused the existance of the instanton in the first place. 

God or some other divine figure, perhaps?  Science and religion may continue to disagree on the issue of how the universe was created for a while yet.

One day, the Hawking-Turok theory or any one of the other inflationary theories may be confirmed, or an entirely new theory may be created to correctly explain the creation of the universe and/or what occured before the big bang.  In the meantime, the increased popularity in cosmology and in creation theories ensures that there will be many scientists working on discovering the secret behind the creation of the universe.


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