Feb. 12-14, 2016
Victoria, BC

Workshop schedule

The workshop schedule is posted at Eventbase.

Festival Schedule

Friday Feb 12
4:00PM Registration Open McKinnon Gym, UVic
4:30PM Workshops Begin
9:00PM Workshops End
9:15PM Renegade Show Begins Harry Hickmann Building, UVic
11:00PM Renegade Ends
11:15PM Open Practice McKinnon Gym, UVic
1:00AM Everrrbody out!
Saturday Feb 13
10:00AM Doors open, workshops start McKinnon Gym, UVic
1:30PM Performers meet for rehearsals Esquimalt High School
6:00PM Workshops end
6:45PM Last bus from UVic to Esquimalt
8:00PM Start of Gala Show Esquimalt High School
10:15PM End of Gala Show
11:00PM Open Gym Practice McKinnon Gym, UVic
1:00AM Everrbody OUT!
Sunday Feb 14
10:00AM Doors Open, Workshops start McKinnon Gym, UVic
12:30PM Workshops endingish, games begin.
1:30PM Games, prizes, pictures
3:00PM Indoor festival over, clear weather outside juggling and flow until people get bored and go home."

Festival sponsors

University of Victoria Sports & Recreation
Vesta Entertainment

Vikes Sport Clubs Club email: juggling@uvic.ca