What is RecipeFinder?

"RecipeFinder is a mobile app that will assist people who cook regularly and encourage others as well. It is simply not financially feasible to eat out every evening... With RecipeFinder, it will ease the burden of planning meals by provide users with the meal recommendations based on chosen ingredients available, while keep tracking their nutritional intake. RecipeFinder also makes cooking easier by providing concise and easy to follow instructions. With numerous functionalities built into one clean, and simple application, the users should find it enjoyable, and satisfying."

                                   - Quote from the original design document


  • Create a Profile

    Create a profile and set dietary restrictions.

  • Save Your Recipes

    Save your favourite recipes and search through them in the future.

  • Track Your Health

    Keep track of what you are eating and your caloric intake. Select and deselect nutrients of interest to appear on the graph above.

Screencast Demo

Watch the app in action.

Changes Made During Development

Several changes were made when implementing the app from the design documents. The dropdown menu icon was originally an arrow pointing to the left. This looked like a back button, so we used a hamburger icon instead. We had considered a panel instead of a dropdown menu and felt that it would be more appropriate, but chose to stick to the document specifications. We also did not implement the "Group Meal Planner" page. The implementation, usage, and usefulness was vague and not fully fleshed out.