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  The Descendants of
  Jean De Lalonde dit LESPERANCE


1. Jean De Lalonde dit LESPERANCE (1) was born about 1640 in Notre Dame Du Havre. He died on 30 Sep 1687 in Baie D'Urfe. Jean de la Londe dit L'Esperance (1640-1687) Jean de la Londe was born in 1640 at Le Havre, Normandie France to Phillippe Lalonde and Jeanne Duval. Phillippe Lalonde was a Member of the Carignan Salieres Regiment in France. Jean de Lalonde joined that regiment. In 1665 the Carignan-Salieres Regiment was sent by the King of France, Louis XIV, to eliminate the problems being caused by the Iroquois. The fur trade was being severely hampered and Colbert, the King's minister was determined to improve the profits to the Royal treasury from the fur trade. The regiment arrived in Quebec City in the summer of 1665. They arrived between June and September on six ships. Jean de Lalonde arrived in Quebec City in the third week of August aboard either the "Aigle D'Or" or the "Saint- Sebastien". He was a member of the Saurel company. The regiment left Quebec in September and marched into Indian territory to the south. They marched and canoed past Lake Champlain, Lake George and the Sacadaga Swamp to reach the Mohawk villages near Schenectady. The villages had been abandoned by the Mohawks and they only found two old women, an old man and a child. They took all they needed and destroyed the villages. They encountered difficult weather on the way back. In particular, at Lake Champlain, the waves were so high that two canoes were capsized and eight occupants were drowned in the icy water. These were the only French casualties in the expedition. They arrived back at Quebec City on Nov. 5. Jean De Lalonde was a member of the Saurel company that was stationed in Montreal for the remainder of the period the regiment was in Canada. In 1668 the regiment returned to France. At that time the soldiers were encouraged to settle in Canada. The were given a grant by the King of 50 livres and a year's worth of supplies. Also land grants were given to the officers (seigneuries) which they in turn parceled out to their soldiers. Jean de la Londe was among the 411 veterans of the Carignan Salieres Regiment to settle in Canada. He seems to have encountered some problems in getting married. He entered into three marriage contracts that were annulled. On Nov. 4, 1667 he married a Francoise Herbert who later married Jean Baptiste, Marie Poire, who later married Jean Hardy and Perrette Vaillant Finally on Nov. 14, 1669 he married Marie Baban of Dieppe, Normandie, a Fille du Roi who was a servant and protegee of Suzanne Durand, the wife of Gabriel Gibaud dit le Poitevin,one of the pioneers of Lavaltrie. They were married before notary Antoine Adhemar at the home of the Gibauds. The Gibauds probably lived in Sorel or Boucherville. This is not recorded on the marriage contract but is where Antoine Adhemer practiced. Jean and Marie had 5 children between 1672 and 1684, four boys and one girl. Two of these children, both named Jean died very young. The other three children Madeleine, Jean Baptiste and Guillaume grew up and married. The de la Londes lived in Sorel for the first five years of their marriage. His eldest daughter, Madeleine was born there in 1672. He seems to have move to Montreal in 1674. In the month of July of that year, Notary Basset wrote a contract by which Jean de la Londe and his associate Robert Henry, were hired to farm some land at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, probably where Baie D'Urfe is located today. It was owned by Francoise-Marie Perrot and his wife. Jean de la Londe's son Jean Baptiste was born in 1675 in what was then considered part of the Lachine area. The baptismal act, dated October 1675 is kept in the registers of the parish of Notre Dame de Montreal as Lachine was not made into a parish until 1676. However, the the land described in Notary Basset's contract describes the area near St. Anne de Bellevue. It appears that Jean de la Londe disapproved of Perrot's illegal fur trade activities and sale of brandy to the Indians because he terminated the relationship with Perrot in 1677. He was then granted land by the Sulpicians. He is mentioned in the census taken in 1681 as..."Jean de la Londe, 40 years old, Marie Baban his wife, 42 years old, Madeleine, 9 years, Jean Baptiste 5 years, Jean 3 years, and Georges, a 16 year old servant". It specified that he had 12 arpents of land in his farm, four horned cattle in the stable, and a gun for the defense of the colony. By 1684 the la Londe family appeared to be prospering. When the Parish of St-Louis-du- Bout-de-l'Ile was established in 1685, Jean de la Londe was in the official party as befitted his role of first churchwarden. When the Sulpicians made the grant of land to Jean de la Londe, they had reserved for themselves six arpents of riverside land at Pointe St. Louis, what is now Caron Point where the Baie D'Urfe yacht club is located. In September 1685 the newly appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec, Monsignor de Saint-Vallier, while on an extended tour of his immense diocese, established the boundaries of the parish, with Pointe-Claire inclusively to the east and the lands beyond the end of the island to the west. Point St-Louis (now Caron Point) the first church site for such a large parish, was the focal point and there fore the centre of life in its whole territory. Jean de la Londe's property bordered this point. On September 30, 1687, somewhere near his farm, Jean de la Londe was killed by the Iroquois. On the 30th of September 1687 Jean de la Londe and nine others were in the fields near his farm in Baie D'Urfe when they were attacked by the Iroquois and killed. He was 47 at the time and the oldest of the group. Marie was left widowed with two young children to care for, Jean-Baptiste 12, and Guillaume 3. She remarried , Pierre Tabault dit Lepetit Leveille, on Jan. 26, 1688. He was widowed with 4 children. On the notarial contract of Oct. 13, 1669 when Jean de Lalonde maried Pierrete Vaillant his father Phillippe is shown as being deceased. Jean is a resident of Lanoraie. His mother Jeanne Duval was still living. The notary was Pierre Duquet. This marriage was annulled and another contract signed before notary Ahdemar Nov. 14, 1669.

Marriage Contract Jean De Lalonde and marie Barbant

Contrat de mariage entre Jean de Lalonde et marie baban. Et pour plus grande validitte du pat (present) Acte en Ce que porte donnaen (donation) leSd parties veulent q (qu'il) Soint (soit) JnSigneur et Enrigistreé En la Souveraine Cour de Kebec ou aué(autre) pré Requis y Constituant a Ses fincs leursdtz (leure dits) ad procuré (procureurs) leS pré adtz Requis postulants eSd causes LUn pour Requirir et laué (l'autre) pour ConSentir a linSiguaon des pates / fr (faire) tout de meSmeS amener leSd Jnstituants feront ou pourrot fr (faire) Sy pnts (présentes) en estoient Fromettant ne leS Revoquer aingz (ainsi) de lad charge de procur (procurer) les .......A peyne de (tous) dePens dom(ages) st (Jnt)erests et a Ses fins Etv (pour) lentiere ............deSSus Lesd parties chacun Comme les .........ont obliges leurS biens pnts et adventir qu (qu'ils) ont So(ubmis) aux Rigeur de JuSTise de ce pais et ainSy lont promis et Juré RenonSant aux Reoné(révocation) a Ce RequiSes et Necessres (necessaires) faict et paSSé aud Saurel et maon (maison) de Gabriel Gibaud habitz (habitant) dud lieu la quatorSié (quartorsième) Nouvembre Mil Six Cens Soixante Neuf Apres midhy En pnce(présence) de Ad(rien) betourne vincent mauriceau hab (habitants) dud dautray led Gibaud . Nalia batachon, Louys Jouan hab de St. our pierre berars. Jacques bichounet hab de Mre de varenes Meric arpin hab de Contrecoeur, pierre Amans Mmr(Maitre) chirurgien dud Contrecoeur, Jean bertrand dir Grandpré . fran(Francois) bonan dit la bardette Soldas de la Compne (compagnie) de Mr St. our marie dehais feme (femme) dud betourne et SuSanne Durand feme(femme) dud Gibaud Ceux quy ont Sceu Signer Ce Sont SouSnes (soussignés) leSd parties et aues ont dit nNe Scavoir Signer de ce Requis Guiva(nt) lordce mais ont fait leur marque

marque dud de Lalonde marque dud lad baban Amans (paraphe) betourne(paraphe) Jean bertrand marque de mariceau marq. Gibaud marq. dud Betachon marq dud berard marq. d. bichonet marq. dud Joaun marq. dud bonan dud arpin marq. de lad duran marq de lad dehais Adhemar (paraphe) Nore. R. (Royal) Texte paléographié par Denise Cousineau. à Laval le 10 février 1983

Vérifié par Diane Mondou

Copied from Le Lalonde Sept. 1987 by Eric Lalonde

He was married to Marie BARBANT (daughter of Alexandre BARBANT and Marie LENOBLE) on 14 Nov 1669 in Sorel, Notary Contract Antoine Ahdemar. Marie BARBANT(1) was born about 1639 in St. Remi De Dieppe. She died about 1702. BIO:From St. Remy parish, Dieppe, Rouen, Normandie (Seine-Maritime) France Listed as Marie Barbary, a "fille du roi". She arrived in Quebec befor 1666, when listed as a servant to Nicholas Juchereau. Later she was the protege of Suzanne Durand, the wife of Gabriel aud dit le Poitevin, one of the pioneers of Lavaltrie. The marriage contract was signed at their home in front of notary Antoine Ahdemar. who was a soldier of the Carignan-Salieres regiment. Madame Gibaud is mentioned as a witness. Other witnesses were soldiers of the same regiment, some from the company of M. de Saint-Ours, some from that of M. de Contrecoeur, and others from that of M. de Saurel (Sorel). Jean de la Londe is beleived to have been of the Company of M. de Sau M. de Saurel. Jean De Lalonde dit LESPERANCE and Marie BARBANT had the following children:

child2 i. Jean LALONDE was born on 6 May 1671 in Sorel. He died in 1681.

child+3 ii. P134

child+4 iii. P136

child5 iv. Jean LALONDE was born on 7 Feb 1679 in Cote St. Pierre. He died on 3 Feb 1682 in Bellevue.

child+6 v. P49

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