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 Chronological History of the Life of Jean De Lalonde

by Eric Lalonde (ericllnd@sympatico.ca)
From Notarial records

Jean-Gilles Lalonde (President, Association Famille Lalonde D'Amérique), Paul-Émile Lalonde, and Normand Lalonde


Arrival of Jean de Lalonde in New France. This is the same year that the Carignan-Salières regiment arrived. Did he belong to this regiment? There are no records that mention his name. However all the witnesses at his marriage to Marie Babin at Sorel belonged to this famous regiment, even the notary! Can we conclude that he belonged to the Carignan-Salieres regiment? Probably.


In the census taken this year we find Jean in the parish of Sillery, near Quebec City. He is entered on the list of the college of the Jesuit Fathers. Our ancestor's occupation is shown as a domestic.


Jean signs a marriage contract with Françoise Hurrebert, a fille du roi. His residence is Pointe aux Trembles (today Neuville, near Québec City). The notary is Romain Becquet (the contract was annulled)

October 19, 1668

Jean is hired with Guillaume David and Jacob L'Heureaux to do some work at the Seignerie D'Autray at Lanoraie. This work is for Anne Gasnier the widow of the Seigneur Jean Bourdon and the tutor of his son Jacques Bourdon the current Seigneur D'Autray.
Notary: Romaine Becquet

September 27, 1669

Jean signs a second marriage contract this time with Marie Poiré, resident of the Seignorie D'Autray.
Notary: Pierre Duquet (contract annulled)

October 13, 1669

Signs a third marriage contract with Pierrette Vaillant a fille du roi like the others. She also lived at Siegnerie D'Autray.
Notary: Pierre Duquet.

October 22, 1669

Obtains a concession of land from Anne Gasnier on the shores of the Saint-Lawrence river.
Notary: Pierre Duquet

November 14, 1669

He finally makes it, he signs a fourth marriage contract with Marie Barban, another fille du roi, a native of Saint-Rémy de Dieppe, daughter of Alexis and Marie LeNoble. She brings with her a dowry of 200 livres. The church record of the marriage is lost. However we have the notarial record by Antoine Ahdemar.

January 15, 1671

Protest of Anne Gasnier due to the lack of completion of the work contracted for in the Seignerie D'Autray.(Contract of October 19, 1668)
Notary: Romain Becquet

May 6, 1671

The baptism of the first child of the Lalonde-Barban marriage. He is named Jean. He died before the census of 1681.


The birth of Marie Madeleine. The baptismal record did not show the exact date. On February 18, 1686 she marries Guillaume Daoust and the record shows she is 14 years old. Guillaume Daoust is the son of Nicolas and Jeanne Aubert.

November 13, 1673

Jean and Marie sell their property at D'Autray to Gabriel Berard dit Lepine for 800 livres.
Notary: Antoine Ahdemar.

March 11, 1674

Jean signs a promissory note to Anne Gasnier for 300 livres.
Notary: Romain Becquet

July 13, 1674

He rents a farm from Madeleine de LeGuide the wife of François Marie Perrot Seigneur of Ile Perrot. He had as his associate, Robert Henry.
Notary: Benigne Basset

March 17, 1675

Cancellation of his lease with Madeleine de LeGuide.
Notary: Benigne Basset.

October 10, 1675

The birth of their second son, Jean Baptiste. He will marry Marguerite Masta on the 3rd of February 1698. And after her death, Jeanne Gervais on 24th of October 1701.

September 28, 1677

Jean and his family are living in Ville Marie (Montreal) in the house of Jean Gervaise. Jean sells a concession of 80 arpents to Barthélémy Lemaistre. The concession was obtained verbally the same day.
Notary: Benigne Basset.

December 10, 1678

Jean and his family move to Baie D'Urfé. He has a concession of 120 arpents.
Notary: Benigne Basset.

February 12 1679

The birth of another son named Jean. He dies on February 3rd 1682.


In the census Jean and Marie are living at Côte St-Pierre. They have three children, a gun, 4 cattle and 12 arpents of workable land.

October 26, 1682

Jean obtains a concession of 120 arpents of land on the shores of Lake St-Louis at Baie D'Urfé. This concession was given by François Dollier superior of the Seminary of Montreal.

August 21, 1684

The birth of Guillaume the last son of the family. He will marry Marie-Madeleine Allyn (Sarah Allen) on the 27th of April 1710 at Sainte-Anne de Bellevue.


A new parish is established at the west end of the Island of Montreal at Baie D'Urfé. This parish is known as Saint-Louis de Bout de L'Ile. Jean De Lalonde is the first churchwarden.

November 15, 1686

Jean obtains another concession of six and a quarter arpents of land from François Dollier.
Notary: Cabazie

March 3, 1687

Jean obtains another concession of 80 arpents of land in the parish of Saint-Louis.
Notary: J.B. Pottier

March 21, 1687

Jean sells his original 120 arpents of land which he obtained on October 26, 1682 to Sieur de Blainville.
Notary: Benigne Basset.

September 30, 1687

The death of our ancestor with four others during a skirmish with the Iroquois. He was buried in the cemetery of the parish of Saint-Louis by François Lascaris d'Urfé, pastor of the parish. (He was one of the pioneers as well as warden of the parish). Jean De Lalonde died at a young age defending his community. His courage and pioneer spirit will forever be an example to us.

His sons, Jean Baptiste and Guillaume assured the survival of the proud name of Lalonde in North America with the many descendants they produced. And his daughter Madeleine who married Guillaume Daoust helped preserve that great family in America.

References: National Archives of Québec and Notarial Records.

Compiled by:

  • Jean-Gilles Lalonde
  • Paul-Émile Lalonde
  • Normand Lalonde

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