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 Lalonde Family History: Sarah Allen Granted French Citizenship

In May 1710 King Louis of France granted Sarah Allen and 40 others citizenship in New France.

by Eric Lalonde (ericllnd@sympatico.ca)

By this time Sarah had been baptised catholic and named Marie-Madeleine. In April she had married Guillaume Lalonde and obviously had decided to make her life in New France. By the terms of citizenship she was cutting off all ties with New England as she was forbidden to have any contact with foreigners. Thus she was cut off from her family. Though there are reports that contact was maintained between captives and their families.

The following text was written by Emma Coleman in her book "New England Captives Carried To Canada". Note that Sarah Allen is written as Magdelaine Allyn with an asterisk. The asterisk means she was unidentified by Emma Coleman. One of the reasons she was unidentified in many of the studies done is the fact that her name is written as Marie-Madeleine Helene in the official church records of baptisms, marriages and burials.

In the month of May 1710, Louis, fourteenth of his name, gave at Versailles in the grandest manner his gracious permission to these and other boys and girls, men and women, to live and die in New France or elsewhere in his possessions.

"Louis, by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre, to all present and to come, greeting: our well beloved ...

Jean laha, Irishman living in Mont-royal, married to an English-woman and having three children.
Richard Naasson of N.E. living in Sainct francois m. to a French woman, children.
Jean baptiste otis, N.E. at Coste de beaupré, French w. and children.
Paul otis, established at villemarie
Phylippe Montase*
Andrée fray
Guillaume Tailor, at villemarie
Mathias Claude farmont (Farnsworth)
Gabriel Jourdan,* Quebecq
Joseph hastings of the coste of Beaupré
Joseph Kallogg
Thomas hust

The names that follow from the Lettres de Naturalité in the Canadian Archives, omitting those known to belong outside New England. An asterisk means unidentified. The names are printed as written, but abbreviations are used and repetitions avoided.

Marie Anne* m.
Magdne Stilson m. to one named Chevalier, wigmaker --of Quebeq, having children --(so says the Letter, but elsewhere he is J. Bapt. Cardinet, called chevalier chirurgien).
Marie Ursulle Mistrot (Mery Adams) m. to Charles Brisebois of sainct françois
Marie Stevens, m. to Pasquet, l. near Quebecq, several children
Marie Magdelaine willis m. to vildaigre garde-port at Quebecq
Rose otis
Marie Jeanne Gefferis wid. of Thomas hust
Marie Louise Pitman, wid of Estienne willis of Quebecq
Marie Joseph Sayer
Catherine Donkin
Marie Stozer
Louise Therese Stebbins
Louise Gabrielle Brakett
Marie francoise Ferns (French)
Marie pricille Stozer
Marie Elisabeth Waber
Marguerite Tarbel
Marthe frins
Elisabeth hust
Marie Louise Kembell
Magdelaine allyn*
Marie Charlotte Brojon*
Elisabeth Cos (Corse)
helenne Davis
Marie françoise hammon
anne hust (Hurst)
Marie Brook
Magdelaine Cout* (Cutt?)
Marie eElisabeth Lamax
Marie Drody*

All professing the catholic apostolic and roman religion, have shown us that they have been established several years in New France and desiring to end their days as our subjects, they have very humbly supplicated us to grant these Letters which facilitate in everyway possible their residence in the "country of Canada and new france." they yielding obedience to us. The above named are to have "all rights, priviledges and immunities enjoyed by our born subjects, as well as the same rights to hold and dispose of property, real and personal," But:- "they cannot leave the country without our express and written permission, nor be employed as go-betweens with foreigners on pain of forfeiting these rights."

Given at Versailles May 1710.
Signed & "sealed with the great seal with green wax on ribbons of red and green silk."

Note: Spelling copied as printed by Emma Colemen.

Emma Lewis Coleman, New England Captives Carried to Canada between 1677 and 1760 during the French and Indian Wars, Portland, ME, 1925, (currently available from Heritage Books)

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