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People named Lalonde who have web pages

People named LaLonde who have web pages

Why Lalonde and LaLonde?

Eric Lalonde (our resident genealogist) has this to say:
"The spelling of the Lalonde name has been with only one capital L here in Quebec. It appears that the second capital L has been added in the US. I have only heard of Lalondes with two capital L's from the US. I guess if we searched the records in Michigan where the Lalondes first went to the US we might find where the change happened. It probably was some recording clerk who changed the spelling on a birth certificate and it continued from there."

Not named Lalonde but descendants of Lalondes

  • Bob Abrames (Voyageur Bob) his mother was a Lalonde - check out this page for family history and information on his very cool expeditions
  • Norm Brunette his site includes a huge collection of lists of marriages and anscestors
  • Mike Daoust - a descendant of Guillaume Daoust and Marie Madeleine Lalonde (daughter of Jean de Lalonde) - his web site has a ton of historical information! Highly recommended.
  • Bryan Gidley His great grandmother was a Lalonde and he has her genealogy back to France on his website
  • Richard Gutierrez design consultant in the Detroit area

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