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Some research projects I'm working on...

The LE,NONET Project

This project explores ways to enhance the success of Aboriginal undergraduate students at the University of Victoria. For more information, visit the LE,NONET Project website...


The Manitoba Project

In partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Centre for Aboriginal Health Research, this research project will examine relations between "cultural continuity" and health status in all 64 First Nations in Manitoba.


The BC Project

Together with partners from the 29 First Nations communities represented by the Inter Tribal Health Authority, this project will further our understanding of the influence of cultural practices on youth health trajectories.


Some research networks I'm involved with...



The Centre for Aboriginal Health Research (CAHR) is a group of faculty and graduate students at UVic engaged in Aboriginal health research. I am the Co-Director of the Centre. For more information, visit our web site...




The Network Environment for Aboriginal Research (NEARBC) is a Health of Populations Network funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. For more information, visit the NEARBC website. I am the director of the Vancouver Island node of NEARBC.



Kloshe Tillicum

The Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research BC (renamed Kloshe Tillicum), is a research network funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research — Institute for Aboriginal Peoples Health Research.



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