Test your knowledge of Chris...

1. I hear you're a full professor now. What's so great about that?
no more Tim Horton's -- it's all Starbucks, all the time
longer naps at the office
can't be fired for library fines
I can finally let my inner child out
2. How's that mid-life crisis going?
apparently buying a 22 year-old BMW does not resolve anything
my new motto: "too old for bungee, too young for bingo"
I'm violating the 11th commandment: thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's lawn mower
why do I have to justify collecting scotch? It's a noble calling
3. So you went to Australia for 3 months. What did you do there?
important scientific work that involved snorkling, Foster's, and slipping shrimp on the barby
sucessfully avoided sharks, crocs, and spiders
I was drafted to play Aussie rules football
hey, someone had to confirm the counter-clockwise drain thing
4. What's the best thing about doing research in Manitoba?
the balmy winter weather
the official provincial bird -- the mosquito
flying West Jet ("Just 5 more stops before Winnipeg")
it provides the perfect excuse to miss meetings at UVic
5. If Chris were a Trailer Park Boy, which one would he be?
a bottle kid
6. What was your favourite Christmas present this year?
bacon that's ready in 5 seconds!
socks & underwear
a high-power CSI flashlight (like in CSI Las Vegas -- not that stinkin' Miami one)
Corner Gas DVD  

© Dr. Chris Lalonde
Updated: 19-oct-12