Risk and Mortality Demonstration

According to Statistics Canada, there are approximately 30,000,000 people over the age of 12 in Canada.

The smoking rate in Canada is estimated to be 16%.

That means there are roughly 4,800,000 smokers in Canada.

It is said that half of all smokers will die of smoking-related causes.

That's 2,400,000 deaths!

Electronic cigarettes are being touted as a safer alternative to smoking.

For this demonstration, let's make the following assumptions:

  1. That e-cigarettes may be 'safer' than tobacco cigarettes, but they aren't completely 'safe'. Some have claimed that e-cigarettes are "99% safer +/- 1%." In this demonstration, you can determine how much safer they are (0-100%).

  2. We don't know what percentage of current smokers will decide to switch to e-cigarettes—you can determine the percentage.

  3. There is fear that non-smokers (especially teenagers) will take up e-cigarettes. In this demo, you can estimate the percentage of non-smokers who might do this.

For the adult population, enter 30000000. For smoking rate, enter 16. Then play with the other numbers...

See if you can find a combination that keeps the death toll at 2,400,000.


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