Linguistics 482 - Computational Linguistics Prolog Notes A. C. Brett
Department of Linguistics
University of Victoria
Clearihue C139
Last updated: 9 October 2005

Getting Listener Help

Amzi! Logic Explorer includes a help system that contains information about the Listener. After starting Logic Explorer you can view this information by doing the following:
  1. Open the help system by clicking on the question mark button in the middle of the menu bar at the top of the Amzi! Development Environment window (or, click on the word "Help" at the top of the window or, while depressing the [Alt] key, press the "h" key on the keyboard, and pick the Contents option).
  2. Click on the Prolog User's Guide & Reference.
  3. Then click on the IDE -- Interactive Development's Environment item.
Take note of the other items listed in the IDE help window. These items contain further information that you will find useful, including a list of Listener error messages, a summary of system predicates, and notes on the Logic Explorer text editor.

For example, before starting the Listener, you will normally have written, and saved a file containing your Prolog program (database). You can write your program using any text editor; however, Logic Explorer includes an editor. The availability of this editor facilitates making changes or corrections to your program during its development and testing. For information on the Logic Explorer Editor, click on the Edit Prolog Source Code item in the IDE help window cited above. Also, see the topic on Starting the Editor in another section of these notes.

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