Linguistics 482 - Computational Linguistics Prolog Notes A. C. Brett
Department of Linguistics
University of Victoria
Clearihue C139
Last updated:19 October 2003

The Prolog Listener

The Prolog Listener is that component of the Prolog software which interprets Prolog statements and responds to queries or claims posed regarding the facts and relationships comprising a Prolog program (database).

The Listener is accessible from the Amzi! Interactive Development Environment (IDE),which is the Windows interface to Amzi! Logic Explorer. Therefore, before you can use the Listener, you must start Logic Explorer.

Starting Logic Explorer

To start Logic Explorer, click on the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Point at Programs, then at Amzi! Logic Explorer 5.0. Click on Amzi! IDE and the Amzi! Development Environment window will open.

Using the Prolog Listener

Notes on using the Amzi! Prolog Listener are included under the following topics:

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