Linguistics 482 - Computational Linguistics Prolog Notes A. C. Brett
Department of Linguistics
University of Victoria
Clearihue C139
Last updated: 9 October 2005

Reconsulting a Prolog Program

If you have left the Listener window open while you have used the Editor to make corrections or other changes to your program, you can bring the Listener window to the front by clicking on any part of it that appears behind the Editor window. (You might have to move, resize, minimize, or restore the Listener and Editor windows so that you can see at least part of the Listener window when it is behind the Editor window.) The Listener, however, is "unware" of the changes you have made to your program.

To make the Listener "aware" of your modified program, click on the Listener item in the menu bar at the top of the Development Environment window, and pick the Reconsult in the menu that opens.

You may instead type

at the "?-" Listener prompt.

Note that the reconsult/0 system predicate does not require an argument because the Listener already "knows" the name of the file containing your program. Also remember to type the period that ends the clause. If there are no syntax errors in your modified program, the Listener will respond "yes" and display the "?-" prompt. If, however, the Listener finds a syntax error, it will respond "no" and you must start the Editor again to correct the error.

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