Linguistics 482 - Computational Linguistics Prolog Notes A. C. Brett
Department of Linguistics
University of Victoria
Clearihue C139
Last updated: 9 October 2005

Starting the Listener

To start the Listener, after starting Logic Explorer, do the following:
  1. Click on the word "Listener" at the top of the Amzi! Development Environment window (or, while depressing the [Alt] key, press the letter "l" key).
  2. Click on the word "start" in the menu that opens (or, press the [Enter] or [Return] key since, at this point, only the "start" option is available).
The Listener window will open and the following lines of text will be displayed:
Amzi! Prolog  Listener
Amzi Prolog Listener 5.0.18h Windows
Aug 21 2000 20:19:21
Copyright (c) 1987-2000 Amzi! inc.  

?- |
The two characters "?-" in the last line comprise the "Listener prompt." The Listener displays this prompt, with the cursor one space to the right, whenever it is waiting for you to type a query (or claim).

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